Tenants Insurance - Contents Insurance for UK Renters

There is no legal requirement for Tenants to insure their own belongings, and as Landlords you cannot insist on this. However, if the property is furnished, and you experience an accident or burglary, can the tenant claim on your insurance for their goods?

The simple answer to this is no, though this can cause problems between the Landlord and Tenant.  Therefore, it is advisable that tenants source their own contents insurance quotes.  Furthermore, tenants insurance can incude clauses to protect the landlords goods from damage caused as a result of the liability of the tenant.  This can give added protection for the landlord and many letting agents insist on a certain level of contents insurance for tenants.

The answer is to advise your tenant to obtain suitable insurance quotes for their goods and possessions that will cover any loss or damage to their own possessions as well as the landlords contents.

Landlords who have fully insured their property (both buildings and contents if furnished) have needed not to worry about Tenants Insurance. At InformedLandlord, we have sourced a partner to try and provide suitable contents insurance quotes for tenants, at very good rates.

To read more about the responsibility of tenants and landlords regarding insurance, read our insurance guide.