Tenant Referencing | UK Tenant References and Credit Checks

Do you really KNOW your tenant?  Are you sure they have a good credit record and have no CCJ’s, debts or previous rent arrears to their name.

As a private landlord, it is essential you understand the history of your tenant, how your tenant behaved financially in the past and if you are letting to a reliable tenant.

By outsourcing tenant referencing to a company, you can be certain of a true source of information relating to your tenant, and can be assured your letting is a safe and secure one.  The tenant referencing company will score your tenant on:

  • Income to rent ratio.
  • CCJ’s against the tenant.
  • Any bankruptcy or Administration.
  • Breaks in income over the previous 6 months.
  • References from previous landlords/letting agents.
  • Bad credit scores due to missed payments on credit cards, store cards and similar.
  • If your tenant has any of the above, it is not necessarily the finalisation of the letting opportunity. As a landlord, you could ask for the agreement of a tenant guarantor; remember, it is essential you also credit check them.

Tenant References - Protect your buy to let income

Cover yourself, make sure you get your rental income protected by attaining creditable references on your tenants.  You will need to have performed these credit checks if you are looking to purchase a rent guarantee insurance product.