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Should I Get an EPC?

The EPC is solely the homeowner’s responsibility otherwise you will incur a £200 fine - which is repeatable. The legislation is policed by regional Trading Standards Officials, and any ...

Energy Performance Certificates

Landlords are required, under law to have an Energy Performance Certificate presented for the property to rent. This certificate must be duplicated and given to all persons renting in the prop...

Landlord Software

Designed to make the business tasks for private residential landlords easier, landlords software is now easier to use than ever. Software made for us as landlords can be used in single and multiple ...

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency takes into account factors such as insulation, heating and hot water systems, ventilation and fuels used. When this comes to EPC’s, the average Energy Efficiency Rating for a...

Low Cost Letting

Private Landlords are more and more letting themselves, via the web, newspapers and other media.  Have you considered using a low cost letting website?  Here at Informed, we'll be doing ju...

Legal Requirements for UK Landlords

Here is a brief overview of laws with a view to rental. These listed below are statutory (must be adhered to) legal requirements of which you should be aware. As a basic, these laws protect you an...