Landlords Building Insurance | Landlords Contents Insurance


The chances are you'll have a very large amount of money invested in your rental property.  This is an investment you need to protect, from insurance for fire to insurance for water damage; also, your mortgage company will insist you have Landlords Insurance on the buy to let property - a standard owners insurance policy usually will not protect you if the worst were to happen.  By investing in Landlords Insurance from Informed Landords partnering with one of the UK's leading Insurance Groups, you can rest easy knowing that both you and your property are properly insured for both buildings and contents.

As a landlord the odds are that you have spent considerable amount of time and money on the property. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should use a landlords building insurance policy rather than standard household policy. The mainstream benefits obtainable under a standard household policy are seriously affected when the property is let and cover may end if you do not inform the insurer that the property is let. 

Landlords building insurance can protect your capital investment and property from damages caused by fire and flood, and most importantly it can also help protect the income stream you receive through your tenants paying rent.

Things to consider when choosing landlords building insurance:-

  • Tenant Type 
  • Loss of rent cover
  • Landlords’ contents insurance
  • Landlords liability insurance
  • Rent guarantee insurance
  • Landlords’ legal expenses cover

Landlords Contents Insurance Cover

The items that you have in your home/property can be insured in case they are damaged by your tenant, fire or flood or any other catastrophe. This cover offers the security you need when letting property out and also protects your money invested into the property.

Things to consider when choosing landlords contents insurance:-

  • Fixtures and Fittings; bathrooms, kitchens, radiators are usually insured under a building policy. However, these can be excluded with some landlords insurance block policies.
  • Flooring; wooden floors, laminate flooring and fitted carpets are also covered under the building policy.
  • Replacements; new or old item replacements are restricted in landlords’ contents insurance, yet they could be insured under new for old cover.

To read more about landlords insurance and the responsibilities of buy to let investors and tenants, read our Landlords Insurance Guide.