Energy Performance Certificates - Should I get an EPC?

The EPC is solely the homeowner’s responsibility otherwise you will incur a £200 fine - which is repeatable.

The legislation is policed by regional Trading Standards Officials, and any landlord unable to provide the EPC will be liable for a £200 fixed penalty. The landlord will risk subsequent fines of the same value until an EPC is obtained.

Whilst the £200 fine, and subsequent penalties if enforced, may seem insignificant, as a landlord the charge for an EPC is around £50 + vat when purchased through InformedLandlords and lasts for 10 years (assuming no changes to the property).  How many times would you re-let a property over that period?? It’s a no-brainer!

The £200 fines will be charged every time the property is re-let. The landlord is also likely to be prohibited from advertising the property until such time that an EPC is produced – resulting in needless void periods.  The simple fact is that if you intend to let your property – get an EPC.  Click here for Energy Performance Certificates.

 Landlords are not legally obliged to act on the recommendations but as energy efficiency is fast becoming a prominent differentiator in the housing market you are certainly likely to create the right impression and attract more interest from would be tenants if you do.